RPL is back

RPL is back. They start from the central match of the tour


The task of the new coach, Lichka, is to return the drive to Dynamo. At home against Krasnodar, the capital’s team alternates between difficult victories and draws. It is necessary to respond to the March defeat at a party. And it’s time for the “citizens” to hurry up with a set of points until they lose to Cordoba and Spertsyan.

The home team is worried about the defense. Only young people are in the center. But if they deprive Krasnodar of space, then in the debut game of Lichka, we will see another Dynamo. Ivic’s team is unlikely to change so much, although new names like Ektov have appeared in Safonov’s defense.

Ural (CSKA)

Many doubt CSKA. You can object with a reference to the Super Bowl final, where Zenit was forced to make mistakes. Fedotov is a strong coach; he will cope without Fernandez, who chose Zenit, and Medina, who left for Spartak. CSKA collected a series of 23 matches without defeat against Ural in the Russian championships. I haven’t lost since 1995.

The first round, and already losses Vlut, Gazinsky, and Cisse will not play against Ural. Carrascal, Agapov, and Diveev in the CSKA infirmary Oblyakov slowly comes to his senses. There will be changes between the two teams, but this is a chance for the coaches to surprise each other. “Ural” Gancharenko can impose a fight, but if the “soldiers” want to chase “Zenith”, then you have to win.

Pari NN-ZZenit

Zenit is a clear favorite, but Yuran knows how to put the game in second place. Even though Pari NN was usually clearly inferior to the Petersburgers, the outsider has an interesting line-up. Gotsuk is a very hardy defender. Yuldoshev and Zhivoglyadov can fire on the flanks. Midfielders Kalinsky and Suleimanov are capable of creating problems for Zenit.

Semak is holding on because only Wendel and Rodrigao are out of the game. Asking for replacements in case Malcolm and Claudinho leave. Waiting for lateral Fernandez. Mantua had some health problems after the Super Bowl final. But there are plenty of stars. If Zenit loses points in Nizhny Novgorod, then this is a hint of future adventures.


Kazan quickly returned to the RPL, but it was impossible to correctly evaluate the team of Rashid Rakhimov before entering the field. A season in the best league in the world led to Slutsky’s resignation. And although the richest team in the First League returned to the RPL immediately, the composition of Rubin is not the same as before. There are a lot of young players, but there are not enough leaders. The surprise will be a draw or a victory for Kazan over Lokomotiv in Moscow.

The “railwaymen” have two squads, so many fans of predictions are optimistic about the future of Galaktionov’s team in the new season. They returned to the roots, as with Semin; they scored a lot, not forgetting about playing number two. Pinyaev, Dziuba, and Glushenkov look good in attack. Tiknizyan is one of the best left laterals of the new year, and Lantratov is among the best goalkeepers. We have to start with a win.

“Akhmat”: “Wings of the Soviets”

Lucky versus unlucky Krylya Sovetov lost an incredible amount of points last season; they could have been much higher in the table. Akhmat Tashuev, on the contrary, gave a series of successful matches when they did not concede and put on Konat in time in the attack. Let’s see if the team of coach Osinkin can win.

Despite constant sales, Wings of the Soviets have a nice line-up. Bale, Yezhov, Soldatenkov, Gorshkov, and Garre should advertise themselves for big clubs. Forward Pisarsky is recovering from an injury, but Belarusian Karpitsky will back him up. The Wings of the Soviets need a moral reset after a difficult last season.


They expect a breakthrough from Spartak as well as from Lokomotiv. But Abascal did not strengthen the defense as planned; the transfers are frustrated. But even without the Sassuolo and Red Star players, a squad is being recruited for a real fight for second place. However, you can no longer lose to Orenburg, especially after the departure of coach Lichka from this team.

Jikia and Sobolev caught disqualifications. Tavares has been in the infirmary for a long time. Medina is not 100% ready. Bongonda can play, but the change is a chance for young coach Yaroshik to upset Spartak. Orenburg still has Argentines; they have an interesting pair of central defenders. The team is more dangerous than Abascal would like.


Malcolm believes that Rostov has remained a competitor for Zenit. Let’s see, because Karpin has a set game and so far there have been no serious losses. Utkin will again pass to Komlichenko, and Glebov will connect defense and attack. It is important that newcomer Akbashev prove himself against his former club. In any case, the “Torch” is not going to be an easy ride.

Someone needs to fly out, and Fakel is at risk. At home, the public will help them, and away from home without Gongadze, who is looking for a new team, the team of coach Evseev needs to immediately puzzle Rostov with pressure and create chances at Pesyakov’s goal. If they score a goal first, it will be very interesting.


Khokhlov and Ignashevich are mysterious coaches. It is not clear if their level is suitable for the RPL. It is much easier for a more experienced mentor because Sochi has a stronger squad. Defender Drkusic, midfielder Noboa, and insider Yusupov remained in the team. There was forward Ignatiev, who needs to grow up and score. An interesting gang, but it is not clear where the club itself is heading? Khokhlov runs the risk of being the first to resign.

Baltika will be happy with every point scored in the RPL because the team is very modest. But a decrease in the level of RPL allows such teams to fight. Fakel was also predicted to be relegated but remained in the big leagues. Ignashevich’s team can become both the opening of the summer in the RPL and a complete disappointment. In Sochi, an intriguing match was played, and the whole season promised to be exciting. Especially if the tournament participants live up to expectations.

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