PSG will transfer Mbappe

PSG will transfer Mbappe to the reserves.

Personal grievances outweighed the essence of the game.

PSG will transfer Mbappe to the reserves. Mentor Enrique had his first training session with PSG. It was attended by the president of the Parisian club, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The Qatari spoke to the players and reminded them that no one is higher than the club. The words were addressed personally to Mbappe. Then Nasser talked with the newcomers of the team but decided not to speak with Kilian separately because the position of the owners did not change, nor did the desire of the football player to leave for free in a year.

PSG will transfer Mbappe

Mbappe, at the end of July, will receive a bonus of 40 million euros for loyalty. And in August, he can go to Real Madrid. In Paris, they are preparing to put him on the bench if he does not fulfill the conditions of the club. Until July 31, the player must decide. PSG offered two options: either a new contract or leaving now. The sheikhs were angry. And Mbappe pretended not to understand why PSG were unhappy after the player’s letter refusing a new contract.

PSG complained to The Athletic insiders that the club was partially paralyzed due to Mbappe’s departure. The Parisians, due to UEFA laws, cannot let the striker go for free because they will lose at least 175 million euros. There is nowhere to compensate them, and a number of negotiations had to be suspended. They slowed down the verification of the deal with Vlahovic, a Serbian from Juventus. Also, PSG cannot lure Bernardo Silva from Manchester City instead of Messi.

The crisis arose because of Kilian’s behavior. I could easily have left a year ago for Real Madrid. Then he extended his contract with PSG, proudly holding a T-shirt with the words “2025” in his hands. But the sly one will become a free agent in a year; he thought of everything. So far, there are no good sides to this saga. Real Madrid, PSG, and the player’s environment do not think about football. And it would be time, because it’s a shame to drown such talent in the money pool out of resentment and greed.

Mbappe has long outgrown the French championship.

Five years ago, Kilian refreshed the memories of the Brazilian Ronaldo in the minds of the fans. Messi and Ronaldo climbed gradually; at 19, they weren’t that good. But Mbappe then repeated the Phenomenon from Brazil. Moreover, Kilian was lucky with the era and his knees. Mbeppe could play even stronger in the future than in the World Cup final against Argentina. Understanding the scale of his talent is fascinating. But the decision to stick with League 1 infuriates

The footballer is wasting his time. Mbappe, at home again, became the “Player of the Year”. He’s in Ligue 1, which is like leaving Salah at Basel. Or don’t touch Holland at Salzburg. The level of the French league is higher than that of the Swiss and Austrians. But PSG are the strongest at home, so Mbappe is not developing. Last year, he scored 29 goals in the championship, but this did not make him stronger as a football player.

PSG should be blamed today for not letting Mbappe go a year ago. Let him play for Real Madrid and show himself in La Liga with Benzema and Vinicius. A bunch of Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe in Paris did not repeat the success in the Champions League of the Brazilian trio with Suarez and Messi from the time of Barcelona’s Luis Enrique. But this is a predictable outcome. If any player was determined to leave and then was stopped by money, then we knew the result in advance. Mbappe didn’t play at his peak at PSG last season; there was no point.

Kilian is afraid to make a risky choice.

He wants to wait a year in a comfortable Ligue 1. But Luis Enrique will make a mistake if he believes Mbappe. Many coaches think, like young girls, that they will change their men. They won’t change. Kilian will not be wholeheartedly supporting PSG. But insiders confirm the guess made earlier. Mbappe is afraid to leave because Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Manchester United are not stable enough teams right now.

“Creamy” defeated “Manchester City”. If the departure of Modric and Kroos is followed by the unfortunate choice of a new Real Madrid manager to replace Ancelotti (Carlo will be with Brazil in a year), then Mbappe will find himself in the position of creamy stars between the Champions League victories in 2002 and 2014. I also don’t want to wait for weather from the sea in Manchester, where United have been without a major European title for more than fifteen years.

Liverpool were left without the Champions League at all. Klopp invited strong midfielders McAllister and Soboslai. Considering transferring Kimmich from Bayern if the Germans let go of the midfielder, who has friction with Tuchel, But Salah has lost Firmino and Mane in the attacking line, and Mbappe is not eager to play with Darwin Nunez. Although moving to Liverpool has a number of advantages, it’s not the most banal one.

Parisian fans get angry at Mbappe.

The decision to leave for free is an ugly move. Even Parisian children know about UEFA’s financial rules. And they remember that PSG paid Monaco a lot of money for the transfer of Mbappe, and then the sheikhs transferred hundreds of millions of euros to the striker’s accounts. PSG fans often refer to Kylian as a “mercenary” in the comments. A player will be able to challenge such an assessment only if he leaves PSG this summer, leaving behind a fortune for strong newcomers.

Mbappe is a very rich man. He can lend Real Madrid part of the money for his transfer so that the club will later return the funds to the Frenchman with interest. There are many civilized options, but Kilian wants to squeeze everything first from PSG and then from Real Madrid. Perez understands this, so he waits for the sheiks to lose their temper and make a discount. It is dangerous to keep a toxic striker in the team who fell out in Paris, not only with Neymar.

Kilian, in an interview, blamed the team for his failures in the Champions League, which upset his teammates. There are also the interests of the French national team, where Mbappe is now the captain. Deschamps wants to see the end of the transfer saga. It’s time to think strictly about football. Not yet, because the situation is reminiscent of poker, where all the players are happy to cheat. Kilian seems to have the best cards, but he’s afraid to bet big right now.

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